Email Services

We know that many companies offer e-mail services that are free. It may be good for individuals to have free e-mail but for business point of view we recommend a hosted mail solution. Do you know that companies like Google (which provides Gmail), Yahoo, Microsoft, Rediffmail scan your e-mail for words and information thus destroying the confidentiality of your e-mail. Think about it, which one you would prefer:

Your private e-mail:

That is protected and not searched by search engine all for them to come up with keywords and update your tracking cookies so that they can track you and develop a profile. jeu en ligne de guerre

b. Provides you with a name that you can put on your business card and your stationary and be proud of it. For example, what would you rather have: or

A public e-mail:

That is public, scanned by search engines for their revenue, open to tons of spam and other abuse
b. Looks like a cheap e-mail address
We can provide you with a safe, spam free e-mail that is accessible via web, Outlook, Outlook Express and many other software that use POP technologies. We can create one for you or 1,000 for all your employees. It is a completely hosted solutions- means you do not have to do anything. We take care of it all. Please click here to contact us, and someone will contact with you in less than 24 hours. The best of all, we can also configure your e-mail so that you receive an SMS whenever you get e-mail. Think about how important this can be: you are waiting for an e-mail but you are away from a computer. Once you get the SMS, you can use any computer with an internet connection to receive your e-mail.